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Frozen Yogurt - Cheese Dream 90ml


Frozen Yogurt - Cheese Dream 90ml


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The gourmet sniff variation. Fresh yogurt with real Emmental cheese and crunchy carrots, rounded off with a touch of spirulina for well-being. The delicious dog ice cream from Cold & Dog impresses with its healthy recipe, selected ingredients and loving handwork. The refreshing type of cheese consists of lactose-free yogurt, agave syrup, cheese, spirulina and healthy oils. The first Berlin dog dispenses ice cream with added sugar and preservatives and is suitable as a healthy dog ​​​​snack between meals.

Without added sugar

lactose free


Gluten Free

In food quality


Composition: L Actose-free yogurt, organic agave syrup, cheese, spirulina, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, inulin, guar gum, locust bean gum


Analytical components: 4.2% crude protein, 5.7% crude fat, 0.3 % crude fiber, 0.6% crude ash, 72.6% moisture content


Storage: at - 18 °C

Net volume : 90 ml / cup


L actose-free yogurt

Organic agave syrup



rapeseed oil

linseed oil


guar gum

Locust bean gum