Special Offer on BRAND A & BRAND B

The team at Dog Dynamics offers bespoke, holistic training for dogs and Pet Parents, focused on both physical activity and psychological well-being. Through our carefully crafted, active training sessions, and long-term support, we will help you overcome challenges together.

We will help you learn to communicate with your doggo, provide ample enrichment, and ultimately enjoy a happy, balanced life together. Venue – Apple4Pets 8, Hardrock Business Park, Wied il-Ghasel, Naxxar NXR6345 For more information on services offered by Dog Dynamics Book Now You could also contact us at info@dog-dynamics.com.

Price & Course List
One dog session
1 Session €35.00
5 Session €150.00
Top up with 2 sessions €50.00
Two Dogs Session
1 Session €70.00
5 Session €300.00
Top up with 2 sessions €120.00