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Veterinary Nutrition Scientific Counselling

Dr. Alicia Núñez Morales plays a vital role at Apple4Pets by providing expert scientific counselling to ensure the selection of the most advanced and high quality pet food and nutraceuticals available. A graduate of Veterinary Medicine from Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), holding the Natural Nutrition Degree from the CIVT (Australia), Dr. Alicia discovered her passion for veterinary nutrition when her family's dog, Hoonah, fell critically ill with a life-threatening intestinal disease.

This personal experience drove her to immerse herself in the study of nutrition. In addition to her counselling role at Apple4Pets, Dr. Alicia is an independent veterinarian offering online nutritional services from her hometown in Spain. For more information about her freelance services visit her website: www.vettranslator.com

Hoonah’s case made me fall in love with natural nutrition, and above all, Hoonah herself, taught me that medicine means hope

Dr Alicia Núñez Morales , DVM