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Veterinary Nutrition Services

Dr Alicia Núñez Morales studied Veterinary Medicine in Spain (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), and fell in love with veterinary nutrition when one of her family’s dog, Hoonah, got extremely sick because of a life-threatening intestinal disease.

Dr Alicia started studying nutrition, day and night, trying to help Hoonah. Since then, even when working as a clinical veterinarian carrying out internal medicine cases, she continued formulating home-made diets, applying nutraceuticals and giving nutritional counseling to petparents. Now, as Apple4Pets’ resident nutritionist, she is putting at the service of petfamilies her knowledge and passion for natural nutrition and dermatology.

Hoonah’s case made me fall in love with natural nutrition, and above all, Hoonah herself, taught me that medicine means hope

Dr Alicia Núñez Morales , DVM