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Leo & Wolf is an innovative new brand with recipes developed by Nutriment. Designed to be exciting to eat and highly nutritional, the portfolio includes a 5-product range of frozen meatballs containing premium, raw ingredients. Here at Nutriment, our fundamental principle is to deliver high-quality raw feeding solutions to dogs nationwide. We’re dedicated to the principles of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and integrate this into our specially formulated raw recipes to promote ideal health and happiness for your pets. The Leo & Wolf range of raw food makes raw feeding even more practical to enable more dog owners to conveniently raw feed their dogs. As is the case with all Nutriment raw food products, only the highest quality meat, fish, and vegetables are used in Leo & Wolf recipes. Carefully selected by our dedicated team of in-house canine nutritionists, all ingredients are biologically appropriate, easily digestible, and free from additives, preservatives, grains, and fillers.

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