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Jolipet Adult Dog - Beef 750g


Jolipet Adult Dog - Beef 750g


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The old butcher's recipe! Complete and high-quality food for adult dogs, based on a unique protein source, formulated with university researchers. Maximum digestibility due to high-quality ingredients.


Jolipet Adult Dog with Beef only contains ingredients suitable for human consumption and no offal or residual flows from fruit and vegetables. Jolipet Adult Dog with Beef contains:

  • 60% hearty beef hearts, a lean, high-quality protein source. Beef is one of the most common protein sources for pets, because of its high-quality protein.

  • 35% lightly blanched, broken rice, as a necessary source of energy

  • 5% refined corn oil and canola oil to provide the ideal omega-6 / -3 ratio.

  • 5% purified minerals and vitamins, for maximum absorption in the digestion, to provide, among other things, an optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio

Storage instructions

Fresh frozen food has the advantage of preserving the freshness of the nutrients for a long time. We assume a maximum storage time of 18 months at -18 ° C, after the day of production. Therefore, see the expiry date on the packaging.