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1+1 FREE Adult Dog Hypoallergenic 750g


1+1 FREE Adult Dog Hypoallergenic 750g


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Complete diet food for adult dogs with food hypersensitivity, formulated with university researchers. Hypoallergenic diet based on one protein and one carbohydrate source. Recommended duration of use initially 3 to 8 weeks. If the intolerance symptoms disappear, this diet can be used for an unlimited period. Strictly following your vet's dietary instructions is very important.

Jolipet Adult Dog Hypo contains only ingredients suitable for human consumption and no offal or residual flows from fruit and vegetables. Jolipet Adult Dog Hypo contains:

  • 60% hearty horse hearts, a lean, high-quality protein source, rich in iron and vitamin B. Horse meat is one of the healthiest and most hypoallergenic meats. It is extremely suitable for dogs with a food allergy.

  • 38% lightly blanched, broken rice, as a necessary source of energy

  • 1% refined corn oil to provide the ideal omega-6 / -3 ratio.

  • 1% purified minerals and vitamins, for maximum absorption in the digestion, to provide, among other things, an optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio

Storage instructions

Fresh frozen food has the advantage of preserving the freshness of the nutrients for a long time. We assume a maximum storage time of 18 months at -18 ° C, after the day of production. Therefore, see the expiry date on the packaging.

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