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Degomeat Rabbit Complete 200g


Degomeat Rabbit Complete 200g


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Degomeat raw food is made out of only natural ingredients, without fragrances, colours, or flavours.

Consists of meat from animals that are suitable for human consumption(parts that humans do not eat, but which do contain a lot of nutrients, e.g. chicken necks, fish heads, etc.)

Degomeat raw food is 100% fresh (no boiling or steaming) and the products are frozen as quickly as possible to maintain a high nutritional value.

  • 100% natural

  • 100% fresh

  • No fragrances

  • No food colouring

  • No added flavours

Ingredients - RabbitComplete

(57% rabbitmuscle meat, 20% rabbitbone, 10% rabbit organs, 10% chicken organs,5% carrots, 5% spinach, 2% apple, 1% Scottish salmon oil)

Nutritional values - RabbitComplete

(15.60% Crude protein, 0.30% Crude fiber, 8.20% Crude fat, 10.50% Crude ash, 3.34% Calcium, 1.66% Phosphorus)