MeatLove - Pure Lamb 800g


MeatLove - Pure Lamb 800g


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Pure lamb with brown millet and brewer's yeast

Our single-care products are specifically aimed at dogs that can only tolerate one source of protein due to food intolerances and allergies.

In our variety "Pure Lamb" we use only the finest lamb meat and valuable lamb innards. Brown millet is considered an excellent source of silicon, which primarily supports bone and joint health, coat and connective tissue and has an inhibitory effect on inflammation in the body. Millet is rich in minerals and trace elements (iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc), but also in many B vitamins. Compared to golden millet, brown millet contains significantly more micronutrients.

Complete food for dogs

PURE LAMBwith brown millet and brewer's yeast

• 100% lamb

• Single protein

• 100% gluten-free


80 % lamb (20 % lamb, 20 % lamb paste, 15 % lamb heart, 15 % lamb rumen, 15 % lamb lung, 15 % lamb liver), 15 % brown millet, brewer's yeast, safflower oil, eggshell powder

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 14.2 %, crude fat 8.8 %, crude ash 3.3 %, crude fibre 3.2 %, moisture 66.5 %, carbohydrates 4.0 %

Energetic feed value:

577 kJ/100 g (138 kcal). Ca = 2%, Ph = 1.46%

Feeding recommendation/day

(adult, normal weight dog):

  • 5 kg: 200-300g

  • 10 kg: 350-450g

  • 20 kg: 600-700g

  • 30 kg: 850-950g

Approximate values, to be tailored to the individual living conditions of your dog (exercise, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!

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