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MeatLove - Tender Beef 800g


MeatLove - Tender Beef 800g


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In all our wet food menus, 80% fresh meat is used and supplemented with fresh vegetables or gluten-free carbohydrates.

"Low carb", "superfood", "grain-free" are the big buzzwords of modern consumers and dog owners.

For us, this is a welcome opportunity to reinvent our Classic range and adapt it to nutritional trends.

In our "Tender Beef" variety, we only use high-quality beef. Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E, zinc, iron and copper which complement each other ideally with rosehip powder, as this is a good supplier of vitamins A, C, K, E. The contained healing earth and the yucca root extract have a gut cleansing and soothing effect, which reduces the "gases" and the feces of your four-legged friend become firmer.

Complete food for dogs

TENDER BEEFwith carrots and rose hips

• Single-protein

• 100% gluten-free

• 100% grain-free


80% beef and offal (45% beef, 15% beef heart, 15% beef lung, 5% beef liver), 10% carrots, 4% pumpkin seed ground, 3.1% rosehip powder, linseed oil, sea salt, eggshell powder, healing earth, yucca root extract

Analytical constituents:

crude protein 12.3 %, crude fat 7.1 %, crude ash 1.9 %, crude fibre 2.4 %, moisture 72.9 %, carbohydrates 3.4 %

Energetic feed value:

481 kJ/100 g (115 kcal). Ca = 0.25%, Ph = 0.20%

Feeding recommendation/day

(adult, normal weight dog):

  • 5 kg: 200-300g

  • 10 kg: 400-500g

  • 20 kg: 700-800g

  • 30 kg: 900-1,000g

Approximate values, to be tailored to the individual living conditions of your dog (exercise, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!